Case Study: Taco Bus

Keepin' It Chido with Content

The Taco Bus story is a unique one. After rolling onto the streets of Tampa more than 22 years ago, Chef René Valenzuela, and his crew have served the most authentic Mexican street food Tampa can offer. With humble beginnings, Chef René never spent a dime on advertising and never discounted his food. He didn’t have to, it’s just that good. However with the “corporate” image becoming a false perception, he found the need to hire a team to maintain the OG Taco Bus we all know and love.


With a popular multi-location Mexican Food Truck and Restaurant, growing rapidly throughout Central Florida, Taco Bus faced an issue: “Keepin’ It Chido”, meaning “Keepin’ It Cool”. In 2013, Taco Bus had three locations and two Food Trucks; fast forward two years and Taco Bus operates nine locations, including seven Brick and Mortar Restaurants, three Food Trucks and a storefront inside of Tropicana Field. Most of these locations are open 24 hours per day, at least three days per week. They were afraid that this rapid growth would make their brand lose the “cool factor” in the eyes of the customer.


Using their existing social media channels, and in-store promotions, we designed campaigns that aligned Taco Bus with the ideal audience, and the people who have loved the brand since day one. After a intensive discovery period, and digital scrubbing (verifying listings, claiming profiles, etc), we had a direction and a book full of ideas for the next year of campaigns.

Client Overview

  • 8 Brick and Mortar Restaurants
  • 3 Food Trucks
  • Seasonal Location inside of Tropicana Field
  • 250+ Employees


  • Message Development
  • Campaign Design
  • Content Creation
  • 24/7 Live Bilingual Engagement
  • Ad Design


31 %
4.72m Online Reach
17 %
141.4k Engaged Followers
11 %
248.2k Click-Throughs
29 %
150k + Brand Followers
134 %
Website Visitors
15 %
Time on Site

Content Samples

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